Value Added Features

  • Very low initial cost for consumers
  • Quality materials, workmanship and finish
  • High quality resistant pure ceramic far infrared heaters
  • Solid wood construction; not veneer on particle board
  • Digital control panels; inside and out
  • Tempered glass window
  • Interior and exterior lighting

Ease and Comfort Features

  • Comes ready-to-assemble; pre-constructed sides, base and top just snap together; assembly takes approximately 20 minutes
  • Portable; disassembles as easily as it assembles. Take it with you if you move
  • Warms up in 10 minutes
  • Very comfortable operating temperature of 110F to 140F, not the 160F to 180F of traditional steam saunas
  • Very low operating cost; uses the same amount of energy as your toaster. Only adds $3 to $5 per month to your electric bill

Dimensions:78.5" x 54" x 75"
Capacity: 4 Person
Seating Type: Bench
Double Wall Construction: Yes
Adjustable Temperature: 77F - 140F
Timer Setting: 0 to 90 minutes
Wood Material: Hemlock Fir
Construction: Tongue & Groove Walls w/latches
Non-toxic glues on inside
Non-toxic finish on outside
Heaters: Resistant Pure Ceramic Far Infrared
4 - 300 watts each on back
2 - 300 watts each on front
2 - 300 watts each in seat
Door with Window: Yes
Oxygen Ionizer: Yes
Magazine Rack: Yes
Towel Rack: Yes
Cup Holders: Yes
Aromatherapy: Yes
Operating Temperature: 77F - 140F
Power Usage / AMPS: 110V / 22 AMPS / 2400 Watts
Atmospheric Pressure: 700 - 1060 hPa
Infrared Wavelengths: 5.6 - 15 um
External Digital Control: Yes
Internal Digital Control: Yes
External Lighting: Yes
Internal Lighting: Yes
CD Music Player with AM-FM and Speakers: Yes
(Click for complete warranty information)
Lifetime on control panel
Lifetime on circuit board
Lifetime on infrared heaters
Lifetime on wood
1 year on CD player

Convenient buckle Two cartons for 1 piece
Main material: red & brown hemlock Tempered glass windows on doors
Resistant 100% pure ceramic far infrared heater Oxygen Ionizer
Various standard plugs Reading light
CD/AM/FM Stereo Ventilation

This sauna is not intended for continuous commercial use.
The unit should be allowed to cool down after 3 hours of continued use.
Damage to wood and components due to misuse is not covered by the warranty.